Wil Reynolds on a Consumer First Approach to Marketing | C3 Conference 2017

Wil Reynolds on a Consumer First Approach to Marketing | C3 Conference 2017

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People First vs. Google First Search
Wil Reynolds, Seer Interactive

Wil Reynolds has some thoughts on customer first marketing. He spent years owning the top search results for searches like "SEO agency" and "SEO company." What happened? It brought him zero new business.

Why? Because he didn't understand the people behind the query. These were local searches and local results, but Seer doesn't just work with clients in Philadelphia and San Diego, where they're based.

This is an example of putting algorithms over audiences — the opposite of customer first marketing. By working only to please Google and neglecting the actual intents and needs of the real people making the searches, SEOs are setting themselves up for failure.

Instead of focusing on ranks, Wil says, SEOs should be focused on getting thanks — the confidence and referrals of their customers. As Google's machine learning algorithms began to take over search, Wil started losing traffic and ranks like crazy — but his business grew exponentially. Why? Because Google understands whether or not you solve a searcher's problem.

SEO starts with a word. But before the word, a person has a thought. Who are these people? What are they thinking? We've minimized people down to the words they search for, and ignored everything else.

But there's a better way — it's called customer first marketing. Let Wil show you how.

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