Content Distribution Checklist: How To Distribute Blog Posts Better #Marketing

Content Distribution Checklist: How To Distribute Blog Posts Better #Marketing

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Content distribution can be TOUGH! Lots of companies struggle with it: 🤔 Why aren't our posts reaching more people? 🤔 What can we do with this great ebook? 🤔 How can we get this in more peoples hands? 🤔 How can we get more traffic? 🤔 What do we do after pressing publish? All great questions. And unfortunately, in a world where content creation is often the only thing preached by marketers – we over index on creation and under index on distribution. In this video, Ross Simmonds, the founder of Foundation Marketing is going to break down 20 (well… he thinks 20 but there’s actually 27) distribution techniques that you can use to share your content with a broader audience and drive more traffic. Here’s the 85 content distribution tips for brands: From Facebook distribution to LinkedIn Distribution – that list has you covered for practically every channel you can think of using to spread your story like wildfire. ========= Ross Simmonds is the founder of Foundation Marketing, a content marketing agency that combines data and creativity to develop & serve ambitious brands. Ross and the team at Foundation have launched marketing initiatives that reach millions of people on channels like Instagram, Slideshare Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. In addition to running Foundation Marketing; Ross is the founder of a wide range of different businesses including Hustle & Grind, an ecommerce brand described as the voice of modern entrepreneurs. Ross has invested in a handful of start ups and sits on the board of director for a handful of non-profit organizations. ========= Connect with Ross on these various channels: Twitter ➜ Instagram ➜ And in case you want the chair: Get information like this straight to your inbox:


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